4.1. sqlitebiter command helpΒΆ

sqlitebiter has following subcommands:

Usage: sqlitebiter [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  -o, --output-path PATH          Output path of the SQLite database file.
                                  Defaults to 'out.sqlite'.
  -a, --append                    Append table(s) to existing database.
  --add-primary-key PRIMARY_KEY_NAME
                                  Add 'PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT' column to a
                                  converted table with the specified name.
  --convert-config TEXT           [experimental] Configurations for data
                                  conversion. The option can be used only for
                                  url subcommand.
  -i, --index INDEX_ATTR          Comma separated attribute names to create
  --no-type-inference             All of the columns assume as TEXT data type
                                  in creating tables.
  --type-hint-header              Use headers suffix as type hints. If there
                                  are type hints, converting columns by
                                  datatype corresponding with type hints. The
                                  following suffixes can be recognized as type
                                  hints (case insensitive): "text": TEXT
                                  datatype. "integer": INTEGER datatype.
                                  "real": REAL datatype.
  --matrix-formatting [header_aligned|trim]
                                  header_aligned: fitting table data to header
                                  columns. trim: fitting table data to minimum
                                  column size. Defaults to header_aligned.
  --replace-symbol TEXT           Replace symbols in attributes.
  -v, --verbose
  --max-workers WORKERS           Specify maximum number of workers that the
                                  command may use. defaults to 1.
  --debug                         For debug print.
  -q, --quiet                     Suppress execution log messages.
  -h, --help                      Show this message and exit.

  completion  A helper command to setup command completion.
  configure   Configure the following application settings:
  file        Convert tabular data within CSV/Excel/HTML/JSON/Jupyter...
  gs          Convert a spreadsheet in Google Sheets to a SQLite database...
  stdin       Convert tabular data within CSV/HTML/JSON/Jupyter...
  url         Scrape tabular data from a URL and convert data to a SQLite...
  version     Show version information