4.1. sqlitebiter command helpΒΆ

sqlitebiter has following subcommands:

Usage: sqlitebiter [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --version                       Show the version and exit.
  -o, --output-path PATH          Output path of the SQLite database file.
                                  Defaults to 'out.sqlite'.
  -a, --append                    Append table(s) to existing database.
  --add-primary-key PRIMARY_KEY_NAME
                                  Add 'PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT' column with
                                  the specified name.
  --convert-config TEXT           [experimental]
                                  Configurations for data
                                  conversion. The option can be used only for
                                  url subcommand.
  -i, --index INDEX_ATTR          Comma separated attribute names to create
  --no-type-inference             All of the columns assume as TEXT data type
                                  in creating tables.
  --type-hint-header              Use headers suffix as type hints.
                                  If there
                                  are type hints, converting columns by
                                  datatype corresponding with type hints.
                                  following suffixes can be recognized as type
                                  hints (case insensitive):
                                  "text": TEXT
                                  "integer": INTEGER datatype.
                                  "real": REAL datatype.
  --replace-symbol TEXT           Replace symbols in attributes.
  -v, --verbose
  --debug                         For debug print.
  -q, --quiet                     Suppress execution log messages.
  -h, --help                      Show this message and exit.

  completion  A helper command to setup command completion.
  configure   Configure the following application settings: (1) Default...
  file        Convert tabular data within CSV/Excel/HTML/JSON/Jupyter...
  gs          Convert a spreadsheet in Google Sheets to a SQLite database...
  url         Scrape tabular data from a URL and convert data to a SQLite...